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Ribbon Spine Script

This script was re-created from a college project. I took what I learned from my first rendition of a ribbon spine written in MEL and updated it to operate in a more professional setting using Python. Unlike the first version, this script allows the user to supply as many joints as they see fit, edit the shape of the ribbon, and update the joint count without sacrificing the shape of the ribbon spine. The user may also choose the orientation and purpose of the ribbon spine by selecting Quadruped or Biped. For a Biped, the user can choose to supply a middle control or to ignore it. The script also works with the existing rig, integrating itself into any rig seamlessly.

Attribute Adder.png

Attribute Adder Script

This script is a multipurpose script designed using MEL. Its purpose is to supply the rigger with an easy quick way to add custom attributes that we regularly use on our rigs. This script also allows the user to create custom space switches and easily hide and unhide attributes at the click of a button. In addition, this script also sets up custom locators to be used in conjunction with our leg setup script to create foot rolls, toe twists, heel lifts, and much more.

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