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Dippy Avocado

For each shopkin a full custom rig was built from the ground up. I am responsible for the full skeletal rig, control rig, and skin weighting of these characters. Dippy Avocado came with his own personal challenges with his pit. His pit needed to move with the body and independently on its own. I build a full control rig for the pit with a space switch to either follow the hierarchy of the pit or of the avocado character. I meticulously matched the pit's skin weights to move similar to the body's skin weights so that went they were together, they would move in unison and appear as one whole mass.

Peppamint Wild Style

All shoppies share the same base rig built by Jessica pasinosky. My responsibilities include skinweighting and editing the base rig for custom hair, tail, and accessories.

Shopkins: Hide N' Seek Trailer

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